Privacy Policy


In general, we try not to collect or store any information, except where required to complete a transaction. Information is only kept if it is needed and only kept for as long as it is needed. Information is not passed on to third parties except as required to complete a transaction.

Site Owners

This web-site is owned and run by:

  • SupplyTrade Ltd t/as Teepol Products
  • Murray Road
  • Orpington
  • Kent
  • BR5 3RA

Data collection

Information collected by this site falls into two categories. Session information (stored in cookies) is generated automatically. This data contains no personal information and is usually transient in nature. Cookie/session information is temporary and gets deleted once the session has expired. This is described in more detail, in a later section.

The second category is personal information entered by the web-site visitor. This may include email address, name, company name and physical address but only when making an enquiry or placing an order.

In the case of an order, it may also include credit/debit card information. However, such information is processed by third parties (RomanCart and Paypal..

None of this information is stored on-line. Once a transaction has been completed the web-site server will have no record of any of this information. Details of an enquiry or an order will be kept (as required by normal business practice) but are not retained on-line.


Cookies are small text files stored on the browser's own computer. They are not stored on the web server. A Cookie may be set as part of maintaining session information while a user is browsing pages on the site. This information is temporary and is deleted once a session has been completed.

Additional information about cookies can be found at A more technical overview of cookies can be found here.

In addition, visits to the web-site by users generates statistical information. This is analysed using Google Analytics. This process may also create a cookie. Consult the Google Analytics web-site for additional information.

Sharing data

Any information collected through this web-site is only for use by SupplyTrade Ltd (t/as Teepol Products). It is not disclosed or sold on to other parties except where it is required as part of the transaction (e.g. delivery details to a courier firm, or credit card details to our card merchant services provider).