Teepol on Amazon UK

Teepol's products are now on Amazon UK! While our initial product range is just a sample of the many lines we manufacture, we're delighted that we can be found on such a popular and recognised platform.

Our professional-power, UK-manufactured products are already proving popular, and those already listed include:

  • Teepol Gold - Our flagship multi-purpose, concentrated detergent.
  • Teepol Alcohol Hand Sanitizer - Safe, high quality and fast-drying, our alcohol hand sanitizer contains conditioning agents that are kind to hands.
  • Teepol Wash Wax Car Shampoo - Get your vehicle looking brand new with our car wash shampoo. A powerful vehicle cleaner designed to restore and refresh your vehicle's appearance.
  • Teepol Extraction Carpet Shampoo - Highly effective low-foaming cleaner for use in extraction machines.
  • Teepol Cleaner Sanitizer - For use in all areas where bugs and germs need to be eradicated.
  • Teepol Anti-Bac Hand Wash - A kind but powerful sanitizer that kills bacteria in seconds. A fragrant hand wash that leaves hands soft and clean.
  • Teepol Glass and Window Cleaner - Specially formulated for professional use to remove dirt and grime from glass and similar surfaces.

Do visit us on Amazon UK!