Being in the Business Bunker

Our Managing Director, Susan Moon, took to the internet airwaves on Tuesday 7th September courtesy of the Business Bunker Show on Channel Radio in Kent. Paired with fellow guest Tim Aker of FSB Kent, Susan was interviewed by co-hosts Paul Andrews and Jules Serkin.

episode 545 - part 1
episode 545 - part 2

Starting, as is the show's custom, with the intro music - Fleetwood Mac's 'Don't Stop', Paul and Jules eased into their usual banter that makes business fun, starting with talk of a wardrobe malfunction. How guests can actually concentrate on serious conversation after starts like that beats us. Nevertheless, the show is now at episode 545, which suggests this is a winning formula. Sponsored by employment law firm Loch Associates, the show is also associated with the Federation of Small Business in Kent.

Susan enjoyed her live broadcast debut for Teepol, and unexpectedly found the show hosts suggesting that she and Tim would make a good double act for the future. Sue said, "It was a pleasure to join Paul, Jules, and Tim in the studio and be at a recording in person. There is so much useful information in the show, and it was a very enjoyable experience." Her interview was preceded by Glen Miller's 'Moonlight Serenade', and Susan spoke of the history of Teepol as an old family business, how things have been over recent years, and of our latest news, namely that our products are increasingly available on Amazon.

We would like to say thank you to the Business Bunker for helping to share a local business, as it has done for so many others, and hope the show keeps up the good work. If you would like to follow the show on social media, perhaps the best way to do so would be via Twitter and @BizRadioUK.