Teepol Products helping 'the Wands', our local football club

We are delighted to be the latest sponsor of Bromley-based football club, Cray Wanderers. The club is our local football team and, like us, enjoys a long and outstanding history.

The club, known as the 'Wands' , was founded in 1860, and claims to be the oldest in London and the second oldest in world football. The new tie up with our local, family-owned business which produced the world's first synthetic detergent and which was founded over seventy years ago, brings these examples of Bromley's and world history together.

The Wands, currently impacted by the premature end of their 2019-2020 football season, have seen plenty of difficult times before, including two world wars and the Spanish 'flu, long before Covid-19 was even heard of. It has also 'wandered' literally, taking in a number of home grounds and being known as the 'Chocolates' before being named the 'Wands'. When the lockdown led to the abrupt termination of the Wands' season, they were nicely placed in second for promotion from their Isthmian League to the National League South. That division leads on to the National League (formerly known as the Football Conference) and then upwards to the giddy heights of the League Two.

The impact of the lockdown has also hurt the clubs match and some sponsorship income. With both some initial financial support and some products to be donated from the company's extensive cleaning range made at our Orpington factory, this helps the club at a difficult time.

Our Managing Director, Susan Moon, said, "Cray Wanderers are our local club. They're fantastic in all sorts of ways including league position, new stadium plans, and their youth and community work. I'm very happy that Teepol Products can support them. We've both been here in Bromley for a long time and I'd like this to be a long term relationship. I am planning to add to the financial sponsorship by donating some of our cleaning products for use by people at the club and at the new ground. It will be great to see them in place and being used."