1938, Teepol Products and a dog named Dooley

Welcome to the first ever blog by Teepol Products. We have taken a bit of time to get around to it, as we were first established in 1938, but now we've started, we'll be carrying on.

We are a British company that makes cleaning products. We're based in Orpington in Kent and are proud to supply many, many cleaning products to destinations worldwide. Our products are highly diverse. We make products that clean aircraft, oil rigs, cars, and homes. In fact, we can supply products that clean just about anything that you can think of. Some of which includes for personal care on people, with our London Soap Co range, and then for pets with our new Dooley's Pet Products range.

It is quite nice to start off with a blog about a dog, so we will. Dooley is the pet dog of our CEO, Del Williamson. He is a much-loved Cockapoo, who despite being extremely cute and fun to play, doesn't like to pose for photos. If he senses he is being set up for a photo opportunity or has to hold a position, he's off. Yet we have managed to catch him napping from time to time, which is just as well, as he is our pet products inspiration and mascot.

How did this happen? Carole, Del's wife found that regular dog shampoos didn't take away the more pungent scents that Dooley, being an adventurous animal, rolled in. Sometimes that would include what foxes do when they are taken short, probably one of the most unpleasant odours to be found and one that is notoriously difficult to remove. She referred to Del, who turned Teepol's scientific prowess onto the problem. It soon appeared that the cause of the enduring, but not endearing, smell was bacteria. The little bugs would sit in Dooley's coat and make him something of a social outcast despite the best efforts of the normal cleaning products.

However, Teepol's boffins quickly concocted a canine shampoo that not only delivered a pleasing scent, but also dealt with those annoying bacteria. We discovered that of all the scents we tried, the one that Dooley liked enough not to rush off and roll in mud to displace was a honey and coconut perfume. Thus Dooley's Funtime-Bathtime Honey & Coconut Bacterial Shampoo was born. Dooley's doggie friends tried the new shampoo out and feedback from their pleased owners meant we could launch on 30th August 2014 at the British Fayre in Westerham, a delightful event which celebrates British manufacturers annually.

The range now includes the original Shampoo, and a Lemon Fresh Biological Odour Remover; a Fragrance Free Universal Cleaner (labelled "Barking Good Stuff"), and finally, for now, Dooley's Apple Fresh Disinfectant Cleaner.

They can be bought online and in certain selected outlets in the United Kingdom.