Teepol CEO on the Alan King show.

Teepol CEO Del Williamson's next appearance on Meridian Radio will be on the Alan King Show from 6 to 8pm on the 14th August.

So come and join us for 2 hours of great tunes and a few laughs, (well a lot of laughs) and loads of your requests. As always you can text 07 53 53 7 0800 or email your requests to studio@meridianradio.co.uk or tweet @meridianradio.

"Alan & Del - these selfies ain't easy!"

Teepol Products are currently sponsoring the Friday evening Alan King show on Meridian Radio London. And Teepol CEO, Del Williamson has made a number of appearances on the show.

Del's first appearance was on the 9th of January followed by two further appearances in February, on the 13th and 27th. Discussion included talk of a trip to Ireland and the world of Social Media. Highlight of the evening was probably when John Challis (AKA Boycie from Only Fools and Horses) tweeted into the show.

Additional dates followed in March, April and May. This has given Del a chance to mention a few people's birthday and choose a wide selection of music.

Del joined Alan King on the 19th June. This was also the date of the re-opening of the Dreamlands Margate fun-fair.

The show on the 24th July featured Martin Kember, a Chicago based singer/song-writer. More details here.

And in a probably vain attempt to bring the discussion back to Teepol's cleaning products, Del will be attempting to answer any questions sent in. So if you have a particularly tricky cleaning problem email him at dwilliamson@teepol.co.uk, with RADIO in the title.

About Meridian Radio

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Teepol supplied copy for our adverts/jingles and Alan has had them voiced-over. You can listen to them here: