Teepol motor magic

We have a long-established line of automotive cleaning products that are among our best sellers.

You can read about them here and buy them here.

Purchased by large scale consumers such as companies with fleets of lorries, cars, trucks and mobile machinery, they are just as popular in the car valet and mobile valet community.

For example, mobile valet Lew Beaven, who owns Autogleam UK, covering the south east of England from his base near our factory in Bromley, London, loves Teepol's automotive range, describing it as "brilliant".

So, what is in the range?

Teepol Car Shampoo is a nonabrasive, foaming shampoo for regular cleaning of vehicle bodywork that leaves a streak-free finish that resists weather and traffic dirt.

Teepol Wash/Wax Car Shampoo cleans and shines all in one, andleaves a deep gloss on paintwork. Quick rinsing, this fantastic product results in a non-smear, streak-free finish and is suitable for hand and automatic vehicle cleaning.

Teepol Traffic Film Remover is a concentrated formulation used through pressure washers. It cuts quickly through road grime, oil and grease on cars, vans, plant and lorries and can also be used for chassis cleaning. This quick rinsing formula leaves a non-smear, streak-free finish.

Teepol Screenwash is a ready mixed screenwash that gives smear free results. Removes dirt, grime, bugs and grease and helps prolong the life of wiper blades. Non-toxic and safe to use, its anti-smear formula improves visibility and keeps windscreens clean and clear.

Teepol Wheel Cleaner removes road grime, dust, dirt, grease, oil and brake dust effectively and easily. A highly effective wheel cleaner that is acid free and long lasting.

Teepol De-icer Screenwash is an effective screenwash that includes a de-icer, keeping washer jets and windscreens from freezing. Effectively removes dirt, grease, salt and insects and is effective at temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees.

Teepol Dashboard Renovator is effective on wood and vinyl, leaving a clean and shiny finish that doesn't smear or streak.

Teepol BGS Universal Cleaner is an effective all round cleaner that can be used both inside and outside. A versatile cleaner that can be used to clean the inside of vehicles (including dashboards, upholstery, carpets, plastic) and as an alternative to car shampoo.

Teepol Leather Upholstery Cleaner is a powerful and effective cleaner that is suitable for all types of leather upholstery including vans, cars, boats, cabs, lorries, tractors and trains. It is effective on seats, upholstery, dashboards, steering wheels and wherever natural or synthetic leather is used. Restores shine and disinfects and deodorises.

So, if your car, bus, tank, motorbike, HGV, mobile crane, car transporter, refrigerator lorry or anything else that moves with wheels needs a clean, think of Teepol.