Older News Stories

  • Del talks business

    Our very own CEO, Del Williamson, will be speaking at 'Family Business Breakfast: Marketing the Family Business'.
  • Muddy Paws Challenge 2016 at Brockwell Park

    Teepol Products and Dooleys have teamed up to support Battersea Dogs and Cats Home with their Muddy Dog Challenge.
  • The Teepol Way [March 2016]

    Teepol are pleased to publish their new cleaning advice sheets under the title: "The Teepol Way". These have been written with our very own 'Queen of Clean' - Lynsey Crombie.
  • Teepol helps clean up [April 2016]

    Teepol Products and Dooleys have teamed up to support Battersea Dogs and Cats Home with their Muddy Dog Challenge. We will be supplying products to go into the goodie bags for all the competitors taking part.
  • Dooley now has his own website! [March 2016]

    Dooley now has his own web-site where he will be promoting his products, himself and anything Dooley related.
  • Dooley Competition [February 2016]

    Win a Year's supply of Dooley's Products. Send us a picture of your pet and tell us why they like Dooley's so much.
  • [January 2016]

    Teepol Products are pleased to announce the winner of their "1000 Followers" Competition is Siobhan Quinn from Middlesex.
  • Follow Dooley [January 2016]

    Dooley (CEO of Dooleys Pet Care Products) now has his own twitter page. So why not follow him now!
  • Jan"U" sale Now On [January 2016]

    Get 10% off all Teepol & Tagfresh products this January - when you buy online.
  • Happy New Year [January 2016]

    Teepol Products would like to wish all their customers a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
  • Christmas holidays - closing times [December 2015]

    We will be closing at 4pm on Wednesday the 23rd of December for Christmas. We return to work on Monday the 4th of January 2016 at 8am. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to doing business with you in 2016.
  • Stella and Lynsey - a top team with a touch of Vintage [October 2015]

    These days the clichéd sight of the little woman cleaning the suburban home while the male breadwinner goes off to the office in tie and bowler hat, briefcase in hand and umbrella rolled tight and tucked under the arm is a thing of the past.

BLOG: Numbers Stack Up [August 2015]

When you're a British manufacturer, numbers stack up.

This friday (14th August). Teepol CEO back on the Alan King show.

It's Friday and once again Alan King will welcome back to the studio Del Williamson (CEO of Teepol).

So come and join us for 2 hours of great tunes and a few laughs, (well a lot of laughs) and loads of your requests. As always you can text 07 53 53 7 0800 or email your requests to studio@meridianradio.co.uk or tweet @meridianradio.

Dooley's pet range

Dooley's sponsors the Alan King Breakfast show [August 2015]

Alan King is back on the breakfast show on Meridian Radio. And, he has a new sponsor Dooley's Pet Care Range. Expect a few dog related songs to get played.

Teepol sponsor Meridian Radio [July 2015]

Teepol have renewed their sponsorship of the Alan King Show on Meridian Radio. Del Williamson the CEO said "We are proud to sponsor and will continue to support Meridian Radio in any way we can".

Meridian Radio has been runnning in Greenwich since 1961 and is now available online. They are dedicated to providing a local radio service to South East London.

BLOG: The Unlikely Lads (and Ladies) [May 2015]

In 2013, the British Family - a normal family of two parents with a young son in Kent - started their pledge to consume only British products for a year. They soon ran into problems trying to obtain items like nappies and light bulbs.

[read more about Teepol and the Unlikely Lads and Ladies...]

Teepol now listed on Britipedia! [February 2015]

Teepol Products are now listed in Britipedia. The directory of british made goods.


1938, Teepol Products and a dog named Dooley [February 2015]

Welcome to the first ever blog by Teepol Products. We have taken a bit of time to get around to it, as we were first established in 1938, but now we've started, we'll be carrying on.

[read more about Teepol and Dooley...]

Teepol gets Social! [February 2015]

Teepol Products first New Year's Resolution was to get involved with social networks. Starting February 2015, we now have a presence on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube LinkedIn and Google+. You can follow us on any of these networks using the buttons at the bottom of the pages on our web-site.


Teepol sponsor Cool Local [December 2014]

Teepol Products have become the new headline sponsors for Cool Local.

Cool Local is determined to cheer people up by helping to raise the profile of some cool small and local businesses, charities, people and community groups. Businesses on the site appear free, chosen for genuine reasons. The charities and community groups on Cool Local appear for free.

For example, Cool Local is proud to have helped make more people aware of causes like the Riverside Animal Centre which has received a little more in donations as a result and the wonderful Netherton Foundry who have received an order as a result of their presence on Cool Local's website.

Ebola Outbreak [October 2014]

The World Health Organisation has declared that the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak occurring in West Africa is an international emergency’.

Teepol have put together a list of useful resources and fact-sheets relating to the current Ebola outbreak. This includes official advice from government and health agencies and also specific advice on cleaning and disinfection.


British Family Fayre [September 2014]

Teepol had an amazing time at the British Family Fayre in Westerham, Kent on 30th August. This brilliant event championed everything great about British manufacturing and farming and we were proud to be a part of it. We met some fantastic people and a big thank you to everyone who came to see us.