BLOG: Numbers Stack Up [August 2015]

When you're a British manufacturer, numbers stack up.

The most obvious ways are in sales figures, turnover, and so on.

The less obvious way, that generates as much pride, we see every day in our factory. The stacks and stacks of products, neatly boxed and arranged, ready to be collected by customers or to be loaded, by our fork lift trucks, onto one of our fleet of vehicles or our hand-picked carrier companies, to be taken to a UK destination or on the first leg of a journey that may be to the other side of the world.

Teepol old range
The teepol range about 40 years ago.

The final way numbers can stack up is to do with growth. At Teepol, we have seen ourselves grow and those stacks of products heading out of our loading bay grow too. Not just in volume, but in diversity. If you were to step into a time machine and pop back just forty years, Teepol had twenty three products. Twenty three great products, that sold so well that they made us a force in British cleaning. And, by the way, We still sell twenty out of those twenty three. If something is good, it often doesn't need to be changed to a 'newly improved formula'. It did the job from the start and it can always be relied on.

We have moved on a lot since those days of a selling a handful of products. Now, we have one hundred and sixty standard products. We also have, in addition, sixty plus specialist products. More are being added and quite often, too.

Tepol modern range
Just a few items from the current range.

We now export to eighty-six countries worldwide.

In our last article we listed some of the diversity to be found in our now much expanded product ranges. Here is a brief reminder of a few uses of Teepol products: cleaning oil rigs; cleaning telescopic lenses; making bullet-proof glass; cleaning hospitals, Our products are used on TV's shows The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent; We are now trialling out products with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (London), cleaning dogs and other animals (and making them smell lovely); cleaning barbecues; and cleaning Dublin Zoo's Elephant House. If you'd like to see that longer (but still understated) list, read that last article.

As we said then, wherever you are, you may just be using or be nearby a Teepol product without realising it. After all, those numbers increasingly stack up to make it likely.

On the 4th June, we attended the "Meet the Manufacturer" event in London's Tobacco Dock. The event was for the British textile and apparel trade. Even though Teepol is not directly involved, we are still responsible for supplying businesses when it comes to their cleaning and processing needs.

Also, we like to take an interest in our fellow British manufacturers in all areas, whether we work with them or not. Without British firms making things, employment would suffer, national income and tax income would be reduced, and some great ideas would never see the light of day. So we appreciate what people like "Make It British" who put on the event, are doing. It was a vibrant, upbeat event, full of enterprising people and some great products. What was our favourite? Hmm. Solovair shoes, probably. The shoes looked good, the chap we spoke with was charming, and the company story remarkable. We may tell it one day, but certainly our friends at Cool Local will do.

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