Stella and Lynsey - a top team with a touch of Vintage [October 2015]

These days the clichéd sight of the little woman cleaning the suburban home while the male breadwinner goes off to the office in tie and bowler hat, briefcase in hand and umbrella rolled tight and tucked under the arm is a thing of the past.

Something that is far more current are TV shows and shopping channels featuring cleaning and people who are very, very keen on it.

In Teepol Products 'Stella' range the two have come together. For Stella is the lady who proudly presides over her own brand of cleaning products and does so in 1950's dress and look.

Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie

Whereas the modern star of television is Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie, who has taken to the Stella range like a duck to water.

The reason why the two are together in this way is probably down to what both of them stand for. Stella stands for traditional British quality and manufacturing and for long tried and tested products. Teepol Products goes back to 1938 and our products have been making people who use them happy for decades. Lynsey, who comes from a much newer generation, is keen to share her message that cleanliness is important and the many sensible, affordable and effective ways it can be done.

What is in the Stella range? A Universal Cleaner, motto - Bloomin' good stuff. Is that a little risqué for the 1950's? Perhaps, but all good, clean fun now. An Oven Cleaner; a Limescale Remover; an Anti-Bac Kitchen Cleaner; a Bathroom Cleaner; a Citrus Multi-Surface Cleaner; a Glass and Window Cleaner; and a Bio Odour Controller. Finally, a BBQ cleaner. Perhaps the BBQ cleaner wouldn't have been busy in the 1950's, but BBQ's are certainly popular now.

Lynsey knows why she enjoys using the Stella range. We asked her, and she replied, "They have an inoffensive smell, come in easy to use and grab bottles, and the products actually work, leaving surfaces extremely clean".

You can find Lynsey on Twitter - here @LynseyOCCleaner. Follow her to find out what competitions and other interesting things she has to share in future.

If you'd like to try some of the Stella range for yourself, they are available online and in Staks DIY in Bromley. If you'd like a shop nearer to you to stock some Stella, send us the store details and we'll get in touch with them.