Swine Flu - Update.

"Hello, I'm Peter Trotter and I thought it time for an update since my first swine flu post early last month. The number of cases in the UK is now believed to be around 100,000, of those, 840 people have been hospitalised and 26 have died. So far, nearly all of the deaths have been in people with significant, underlying health problems.

The government have now launched a National Pandemic Flu Service for England. This is intended to take some of the workload away from GPs. The web-site and call centre will be screening potential patients and will be able to authorise the issuing of anti-virals (e.g. Tamiflu).

Internationally, the WHO have declared swine flu to be at level 6 - pandemic. An indication that the disease is now circulating, freely, in several different countries.

It looks like swine flu is here and here to stay for some months. Many commentators are warning of a likely upsurge in infections in the autumn. So now is a good time to get prepared. Here at Teepol we have a new swine-flu flyer promoting our alcohol hand gel/cleaner. Note the special price, if you order 40 or more of the small, personal 50ml bottles from our online shop.

Additional information and MSDS for Alcohol Hand Sanitizer can be found here.

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