The Unlikely Lads (and Ladies)

In 2013, the British Family - a normal family of two parents with a young son in Kent - started their pledge to consume only British products for a year. They soon ran into problems trying to obtain items like nappies and light bulbs.

When British retail and high street guru Mary Portas started her project with British garment manufacturer Headen & Quarmby; it was in part because of the lack of British made underwear. This led to the brand Kinky Knickers, now stocked by Liberty.

This was because in the clothing trade a great deal of garments are made by overseas brands or are sold by British brands who have sourced their manufacturing from overseas. Similarly, as the British Family found, it looks like the UK doesn't do much by way of manufacturing light bulbs any more.

Thankfully the British Family got through their year, discovering many great British manufacturers, including ourselves. So too, Kinky Knickers are a success and they seem to be going from strength to frilly strength.

It was unlikely that the British Family would achieve what they have achieved, including events and a high level of popular support and publicity. It was unlikely that Kinky Knickers would come from nowhere to be stocked by Liberty and create new British jobs in the process. Some might say, it is unlikely that a British company is still successfully manufacturing after starting out in 1938. So many British makers-of-things have fallen by the way-side but we are still here!

What is also unlikely, but a source of great pride for Teepol Products, is the range of things our products are used to clean or to help to create. Some examples of where Teepol products are used include:

  • Cleaning oil rigs (really)
  • Cleaning of telescopic lenses
  • In the making of bullet-proof glass
  • Cleaning TV's shows The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent (well, those judges and their desk do look well washed)
  • Barbecues
  • Dublin Zoo's Elephant House
  • Our CEO's dog, Dooley. Perhaps the sweetest smelling canine in the world
  • Aerospace applications
  • Livestock uses
  • Game shows
  • Helicopters
  • Mines
  • In the germination of plant seeds

So, wherever you are, you may just be using or nearby a Teepol product without realising it. You can check out and purchase our products on our website. Even if you own an Elephant House.

You could say we're the new Unlikely Lads (and Ladies).