Bloomin' Good Stuff Queen of Clean YouTube [May 2019]

One of Teepol's finest achievements is our Bloomin' Good Stuff (Teepol BGS) cleaner, which is a highly effective general cleaner and stain remover. TV Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie (who has recently been in the news regarding her newly published book) helped demonstrate some uses of Teepol BGS.

1. The many uses of Teepol BGS

As the You Tube entry explains, "Teepol BGS ("Bloomin' Good Stuff") Universal cleaner is the professionals go to cleaner. It has been designed to clean and remove stains in one easy to use product. If you only could have one cleaning product this is the one. It is a superbly versatile all-in-one cleaner, that comes ready-to-use, but the product is so powerful it can still be diluted in water for cleaning large areas effectively."

2. Cleaning a multi-fuel or wood burner with Teepol BGS

3. Cleaning a greenhouse with Teepol BGS

You Tube intro, "Teepol BGS Universal cleaner can be used to clean and maintain all parts of your greenhouse. Here we are showing you how it cleans the glass, removing the green algae and grime to let in more light."

4. Teepol BGS cleaning a Silgranit Kitchen sink

You Tube intro, "Do you have a difficult to clean kitchen sink? We will show you how to remove stains safely with Teepol's BGS"