Our clients

Listed below are just a few of our better known clients. These companies include some of Britain's best known companies. And, many of these companies have had a relationship with Teepol for many decades.

The X-Factor

Backstage the X-Factor use Teepol Alcohol Hand Sanitizer as a quick and convenient way to ensure good hand hygiene during the audition stages. And we supply a range of household cleaners and soaps to the Contestants House, including our new Summer Peach liquid soap.

BAE Systems

The world's second largest defence company with around 100,000 employees. Users of Teepol Multi Purpose Detergent

The Biggest Loser

The house is kitted out with various Bactericidal and Sanitizing Products, to keep the contestants healthy.


The UK and Ireland's leading supplier of industrial, medical and special gases. Teepol's pre-diluted Leak Detector solution was co-developed with BOC. It can be purchased from us or from a local BOC supplier.


The UK's best known high street chemists. Buyers of Teepol bulk/raw materials.


One of the world's leading providers of adhesive and sealant solutions. Bostik use Teepol bulk/raw materials in their manufacturing processes.

Britain's Got Talent

One of Britain's top talent shows. Teepol can be found behind the scenes, our Alcohol Hand Sanitizer ensures the highest standards of hand hygiene for technicians and performers.


Known for their distinctive designs of bagless vacuum cleaners, Dyson use Teepol detergent within their organisation.

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust

Two of London's best known teaching hospitals. Guy's and St Thomas' use Teepol Bleach to ensure high standards of disinfection.

Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is responsible for all of Britain's armed forces.

Mist the Sheepdog

Mist the Sheepdog appears on Channel Five. They use Teepol Alcohol Hand Sanitizer as it is a convenient way to ensure good hand hygiene even when wortking out in the field!


Perhaps nowhere is cleaning and hygiene more important than in the NHS. Teepol provide a range of Bleaches and Disinfectant products, as well as general cleaning products. One product range widely used in the health sector are the Tagfresh Air Fresheners.

Oxfordshire Narrowboats

Oxfordshire Narrowboats provide boats for holiday hire. They use a range of Teepol cleaning products for cleaning and preaparing their boats for hire.

Patheon Inc.

A leading global supplier of manufacturing and packaging services to the pharmaceutical industry. The use Teepol Multi Purpose Detergent in the manufacturing facilities.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce are world leaders in Aerospace engine technology and users of Teepol products.

Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force - Agile Adaptable Capable. Rather like Teepol cleaning products.

Unipart Group

Unipart are a leading play in logistics and parts for the automotive sector. Unipart buy a range of Teepol Automotive Cleaning Products.