Dooleys Pet Range

The Dooley's Range originated when Teepol's CEO was trying to find a better shampoo for his dog - Dooley.

The original Dooley's Dog Shampoo has now been joined by three other products. These are suitable for cleaning activities realting to any pets; not just dogs.

Dooley's Bacterial Dog Shampoo

Dooley's Bacterial Dog Shampoo is specially formulated to clean your dog, to reduce odour and to keep your pet fresh and clean. It's bactericidal formulation pinpoints the cause of unpleasant pet odours, rather than just masking them.

The honey and coconut fragrance was chosen after careful testing. It provides a pleasant aroma that is appreciated by humans and dogs alike.

Dooley's Disinfectant Cleaner

Foaming hard surface cleaner & disinfectant for all washable surfaces where your pet might go. Suitable for use in food preparation areas. Keep your home safe and clean for both you and your pets.

Dooley's Universal Cleaner

Removes grease, pet marks, bird lime, muddy paw prints, blood, urine and other stains made by animal scat, droppings or general soiling.

Dooley's Biological Odour Remover

This biological controller is effective against most odours from organic sources. Use in animal waste bins and any area that has lingering pet odours. It can be used on animal bedding, fabrics or carpets to remove unpleasant odours.