Teepol's extensive range of floorcare products can clean virtually every type of surface - carpet, wood, lino, concrete, ceramic & quarry tiles... to name but a few.

Teepol Neutral Floor Cleaner

Teepol Neutral Floor Cleaner is the economical choice for the regular cleaning of large areas with a mop and bucket. Suitable for use on sealed wood, marble, vinyl, ceramics and lino.

Teepol Hard Surface Cleaner

Teepol Hard Surface Cleaner's special formulation includes alkaline ingredients that remove grime and grease from hard surfaces such as thermoplastic tiles, ceramic tiles, concrete, paintwork and kitchen work surfaces.

Teepol Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

Teepol Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner, a low foaming, heavy duty cleaner is particularly suitable for use in scrubber drier machines and removes the toughest industrial soiling (does not block suction driers).

Teepol Bactericidal Hard Surface Cleaner

A high performing product which kills a variety of bacteria and leaves surfaces refreshingly clean and hygienic. Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces and ideal for the daily cleaning and sanitizing of floors, walls, paintwork and a multitude of hard surfaces. Kills 99.9% of germs.

Teepol Citrus Floor Maintainer

Our all-in-one Teepol Citrus Floor Maintainer is a floor maintainer for emulsion polished floors. Use as a cleaner and shiner for regular maintenance, giving fantastic results.

Teepol Lemon Floor Cleaner

Clean, fresh lemon fragrance. Ideal for damp mopping of all surfaces including lino, PVC, rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood and thermoplastic floors. Economical maintenance for polished floors, does not remove or dull the polish film at recommended dilution.

Teepol Metalcote Floor Polish

Teepol Metalcote Floor Polish is an emulsion polish for vinyl, thermoplastic, lino and sealed wood floors, leaving a hard wearing finish that repels marks and stains.

Teepol Extraction Carpet Cleaner

Teepol Extraction Carpet Cleaner is a highly effective, low foaming cleaner for use in extraction machines on carpets and upholstery.

Teepol Universal Cleaner Concentrate

Teepol Universal Cleaner Concentrate is a heavy duty, multi-purpose concentrate, effective on all hard surfaces where stubborn stains persist. Ideal for workshops, factory floors, driveways, car parks, patios, garages and forecourts.

Teepol Floor Stripper

Teepol Floor Stripper is an effective, heavy duty detergent, ideal for all hard surface scrub cleaning jobs. Its penetrating action rapidly loosens dirt and heavy build-ups and is highly effective in the quick removal of all emulsion and metallised polishes, even those aged on.

Teepol Low Foam Neutral Floor Cleaner

Teepol Low Foam Neutral Floor Cleaner is a neutral, non alkaline formula designed to clean high gloss floors without dulling the shine. Can be used with a mop and bucket or through an automatic scrubber due to its low foam formula. Leaves floors smelling fresh.

Teepol Sandstone & Patio Cleaner

Teepol Sandstone and Patio Cleaner removes Green slime, algae, moss and black marks caused by lichen. May also be suitable for use on limestone and concrete surfaces.

Teepol Rust, Scale & Concrete Remover

Teepol Rust, Scale and Concrete Remover rapidly removes water scale, rust and concrete deposits. It is ideal for descaling boilers, heat exchangers and associated plant. Removes all rust deposits and concretes from construction equipment, tools and scaffolding etc. Suitable for either soak or circulation cleaning of ferrous metals and where a minimum corrosion rate is acceptable.

Teepol Patio, Path & Driveway Cleaner

Teepol Patio, Path and Driveway Cleaner has been developed specifically for use on heavily soiled outdoor areas. Effectively removes unsightly dirt, light oil stains and algae from patios, paved areas, concrete stones and walls. Treated areas can be used immediately after cleaning and rinsing.