Del Boy (and Boycie) on the Alan King show.

"Alan & Del - these selfies ain't easy!"

Teepol Products are currently sponsoring the Friday evening Alan King show on Meridian Radio London.

Teepol CEO Del Williamson's latest appearance on the show was on Friday the 27th Feb. Alan & Del seemed to be having far too much fun, chatting about Teepol products and playing some great music.

They even got a tweet from John Challis (AKA Boycie). Who would have thought it Boycie listening to our very own Del Boy!

At this point, it might be worth saying that, unlike Trotters Independent Traders, Teepol Products are ISO9001 Registered and all products are made to that quality standard.

The next chance to hear Del will be on Friday the 20th March - between 6 and 8pm. Discussion is likely to include the continuing world of Social media and the trip to Ireland. Del gets to pick a few more songs and may, this time, even include some that Carole, Del's wife likes.

And in a probably vain attempt to bring the discussion back to Teepol's cleaning products, Del will be attempting to answer any questions sent in. So if you have a particularly tricky cleaning problem email him at, with RADIO in the title.

Meridian Radio has been runnning in Greenwich since 1961 and is now available online. They are dedicated to providing a local radio service to South East London.