Swine Flu - prevention advice.

"Hello, I'm Peter Trotter and I am pleased to have been appointed as Teepol's official spokesman[1] on all matters relating to the current swine 'flu outbreak.

In the last few days, the news has been dominated by the current swine flu outbreak. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has raised their alert to level 5 and have officially designated the disease as Influenza A (H1N1). Nine new cases have been reported in the UK (as of 4th May) bringing the total to 27. Of the nine latest confirmed cases, seven are thought to have been spread person-to-person in the UK.

Before talking about things that might help, let's quickly mention a few things that probably won't be effective.

Things that probably don't work

  • Slaughtering pigs
  • Wearing a face mask

And, I really cannot even begin to say how strongly I feel that that first option, is not a good idea!

TV pictures showing people wearing face masks have become quite common. However, current government advice is that: basic face masks don't protect people from becoming infected.

Instead current advice is:

Things you can do

Swine flu, like other forms of influenza is spread by coughing and sneezing, and by surfaces being touched by unwashed hands. Preventative measures include:

  • Use a tissue
  • wash hands regularly
  • keep hard surfaces clean

So protect yourself, your workers and your customers by following these tips.

Hands should be washed regularly with soap and water or a suitable hand sanitizer, like Teepol Alcohol Hand sanitizer. This is available in 500ml pump action dispensers and also in a handy 50ml bottle. Ideally suited for carrying around in pocket or handbag.

A suitable liquid soap for cleaning hands with water is Teepol Bactericidal Wash Cream. This includes an active bactericidal ingredient.

Keep surfaces clean using a hard surface cleaner. Teepol Spray Cleaner/Sanitizer is in ready-to-use form. Teepol Sanitizer Super Concentrate needs to be diluted as required.

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  1. - Job title is a provisional, I can see we may need to change this!