Dooleys Dog Shampoo

Dooley's Bacterial Dog Shampoo is specially formulated to clean your dog, to reduce odour and to keep your pet fresh and clean. It's bactericidal formulation pinpoints the cause of unpleasant pet odours, rather than just masking them.

The honey and coconut fragrance was chosen after careful testing. It provides a pleasant aroma that is appreciated by humans and dogs alike.

Pack sizes

This product is available in the pack sizes listed below:

code description pack size
0817s Dooleys Dog Shampoo 1 x 500ml
0817 Dooleys Dog Shampoo 12 x 500ml
0841s Dooleys Dog Shampoo 1 x 5 litre
0841 Dooleys Dog Shampoo 4 x 5 litre


Material safety data-sheet for this product may be obtained by clicking on the link below.

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