Stella Range

Our new Teepol Stella range is a powerful, household cleaning range including bathroom cleaner, limescale remover and oven cleaner. Our Stella range comes in convenient to use, light-weight 500ml bottles.

Stella Citrus Multi-surface Cleaner

Stella Citrus Multi-surface Cleaner is a versatile all-in-one cleaner, suitable for hard and soft surfaces. It can also act as a spot cleaner for carpets and upholstery. Use diluted in water for effective cleaning of large areas. With the scent of citrus. "Spray on, wipe off" for the cleanest results ever.

Stella Anti-bacterial Kitchen Cleaner

Stella Anti-bacterial Kitchen Cleaner is a powerful, multi-purpose cleaner that effectively kills 99.9% of germs. A fast and effective spray on, wipe off sanitizing spray, specially designed to be safe in food preparation areas, and all wipe down hard surfaces. Certified against MRSA, E.coli and Salmonella. (keeping you safe in your home).

Stella Bathroom Cleaner

Stella Bathroom Cleaner is a ready to use, fragranced, multi-purpose cleaner that swiftly removes grime and soap scum from all washable surfaces in toilets and bathrooms. It is ideal for use in showers and wet rooms.

Stella Oven Cleaner

Stella Oven Cleaner cuts through and removes grease from ovens, grills, fat fryers and canopies. Regular use prevents build up of deposits and its non-tainting formula contains no perfumes. Can be used as a degreaser, (spray your pots and pans before washing to help remove burn on food).

Stella Universal Cleaner

Stella Universal Cleaner is a versatile, all in one cleaner suitable for hard and soft surfaces such as worktops, tiles, floors, walls, stainless steel, bins, ovens, grills and garden furniture.

Can also be used as a spot cleaner for carpets and upholstery and can be diluted in water for effective cleaning of large areas, such as driveways and patios, can be diluted with water to clean cars and bicycles. Can be used as a 'pre-spot', stain remover before putting items into the washing machine. The one product everyone should have, with this in hand!

Stella Limescale Remover

Stella Limescale Remover a powerful descaler suitable for descaling kettles, taps, washing machines & dishwashers, (just add 100ml into dispenser draw and put on empty wash cycle) as well as for use in sinks and kitchen areas. (add a squirt to clean dishcloth and wipe over sinks and taps for amazing results).

Stella Daily Use Colour Changing Toilet Cleaner

An innovative colour changing toilet cleaner. Green pine in the bottle, it turns blue when used so you can see when and how it's working. For best results use every day.

Stella Apple Fresh Toilet Cleaner

A fast and effective toilet cleaner, fragranced with apple to leave toilets clean and zingy fresh.

Stella BBQ Cleaner

A heavy duty, powerful BBQ and grill cleaner for use on both charcoal and gas BBQ's. Dissolves grease and grime and leaves BBQ's and grills sparkling clean.

Stella Bio Odour Controller

A ready-to-use spray which rapidly dispells odours on contact. Use in dustbins, wheelie bins, waste bins and store bins for remarkable results. Can also be used on fabrics and carpets.