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The first name in cleaning. Teepol is the
leading manufacturer of cleaning and
janitorial products in the UK. we are the
longest established detergent brand in the
UK - the first name in cleaning since 1938.

Specialist &

We create, produce and manufacture a wide
range of specialist and industrial products.
From Rig Wash to Ships Detergent, from Leak
Detector to Medical Sanitizer, many are made
bespoke for our clients and we will endevour
to fulfil any customer request. If you can't
find what you are looking for please don't
hesitate to contact us.

Retail & Domestic

We also manufacture a large range of
products aimed at the retail and domestic
market, available in smaller quantities.
Contact us for more information.

Welcome to

Specialist &

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Teepol since 1938

Teepol was the name given to the first modern cleaning product developed in the UK in 1938. Since then, Teepol has become an international brand, operating across the globe.

London Soap Company

Specially formulated soaps with natural ingredients, our exotically fragrenced hand lotions are easily absorbed and replenish natural oils, leaving hands hydrated and protected.


Tagfresh is a unique air freshener concept, which is the simplest, most effective product on the market. This green coloured, tagged air freshener turns blue when it's no longer effective - so you can easily see when it's time for a new one.

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