Teepol is the leading brand of top-quality cleaning liquids, manfactured and distributed in the UK.

Teepol was the name given to the first modern cleaning product developed in the UK in 1938. Since then, Teepol has become an international brand, operating across the globe.

We are a family-owned company, with three generations working in the business at present. We have operated from our large manufacturing site in London since 1964 and most of our staff have worked in the business for at least ten years. As well as our commercial cleaning, janitorial and industrial products, we are continually developing new ranges to suit an ever-changing marketplace, including the London Soap Company luxury hand soap range and Tagfresh Air Fresheners.

We can supply brochures, literature and technical information as requested. We can also provide sales training and support for distributors and agents.

We supply a vast range of customers, from Government organisations, the National Health Service and Defence Contractors to small and medium-size businesses across many industries. We have our own distribution fleet to supply direct to our customers.