The Teepol Washroom range has been developed to provide effective cleaning in both every day and industrial environments.

Teepol Washroom Cleaner

Teepol Washroom Cleaner is a ready to use, fragranced, multi-purpose cleaner that swiftly removes grime and soap scum from all washable surfaces in toilets, washrooms and changing rooms.

Teepol Power Toilet Cleaner

Teepol Power Toilet Cleaner is a citrus fragranced, concentrated liquid lavatory cleaner which kills germs, removes limescale and organic deposits and leaves toilets, urinals and sanitaryware clean and fresh. The thickened liquid clings to surfaces, thus improving the descaling performance and removal of unsightly stains.

Teepol Apple Fresh Toilet Cleaner

Teepol Apple is a daily use toilet cleaner which leaves toilets fresh and clean, with a fresh apple fragrance.

Teepol Sluice Washer Disinfectant

Teepol Sluice Washer Disinfectant is a concentrated, non-foaming liquid for use in all industrial and automatic bed pan and sluice washing machines.

Teepol Descaler

Teepol Descaler is a powerful descaler that is ideal for use in most household appliances that are exposed to water (kettles, dishwashers, washing machines, taps, showerheads, steam irons, coffee machines, sinks etc). It can also be added to toilet cisterns to keep them scale free. Removes water marks and tough limescale. Used regularly it will keep surfaces clean and shiny and help prevent limescale returning.


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