We have a wide range of quality products for general cleaning and are experts at developing and producing either specific or multi-use solutions that meet your particular preference.

Teepol Universal Cleaner

Teepol Universal Cleaner is the best kept secret in professional cleaning! It is a superbly versatile all-in-one cleaner, suitable for both hard and soft surfaces. It can act as a spot cleaner for carpets and upholstery and this ready-to-use product can even be diluted in water for cleaning large areas effectively.

Teepol Cream Cleaner

Teepol Cream Cleaner is a smooth, creamy, nonabrasive product that efficiently removes stubborn grease, dirt and other soils from surfaces. Pleasantly perfumed, it’s ideal for baths, basins, sinks, cookers, stainless steel and enamelled surfaces, as well as aluminium double glazing frames.

Teepol Foaming Oven & Kitchen Degreaser

Teepol Foaming Oven & Kitchen Degreaser cuts through and removes grease from ovens, grills, fat fryers and canopies. Regular use prevents build up of deposits and its non-tainting formula contains no perfumes.

Teepol Furniture Cleaner & Polish

Teepol Furniture Cleaner & Polish is an effective cleaner containing wax, that leaves gleaming results. A non-aerosol spray for the quick and easy maintenance of paintworks, enamels, sealed wooden surfaces and plastics.

Teepol Stainless Steel Cleaner

Teepol Stainless Steel Cleaner’s effective formula removes grease, oils and grime safely from stainless steel surfaces. Leaves a long-lasting shine and helps resist dirt and finger marks.

Teepol Glass & Window Cleaner

Specially formulated for professional use to remove dirt and grime from glass and similar surfaces, Teepol Glass & Window Cleaner is a fast-drying formula that ensures no smears and leaves sparkling results every time.

Teepol Heavy Duty Powder

Teepol Heavy Duty Powder is a quick-dissolving pink detergent powder forming a super strength degreasing and decarbonising solution, solving a multitude of cleaning problems. It is effective in removing heavy residues of grease and fat from kitchen surfaces, deep fat fryers, air filters and drains.

Teepol Descaler

For descaling kettles, urns & dishwashers. This is a concentrated product and should be diluted as required.

Teepol Degreaser

Teepol Degreaser is a powerful and effective degreaser that cuts through and removes grease including heavy fat deposits.

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